About Us

Music and Arts Scholarships Charitable Organization

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Our Team

Our amazing team is made up of experienced music educators, band members and parents that have experienced the blessings music education and involvement brings to young people. We are also believers in Christ that embrace our responsibility to love and help others through our spiritual gifts.

Our History

Seeing the benefit of music and arts education in our own lives, we believe a child’s academic performance is enhanced when they can read and participate in music programs. We hope to remove any barriers a family may encounter in providing their child the gift of music. Mysteem.org is a non-profit Charitable Organization, founded in 2022, and provides Art Scholarships Music Scholarships, Mysteem.org has with tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3).

Our Mission

Mysteem.org was founded with the fundamental belief that children that have the opportunity to learn, read, and particpate in the arts and music will perform better in school, especially in Math and Science.

Our organization is dedicated to helping those in need, spreading the Word of Christ, and enabling children to learn, play and participate in music programs.